Which Boat is Best Suited To Me?

Many people ask the question, Which Boat is best suited for me?

This question is very relevant these days with so many brands and boats to choose from.

Here at Kayak Factory Direct our friendly staff can help you find that right boat, but first you need to consider a variety of questions and in your own mind have formulated some answers to those questions so that you narrow down the field of boats that will most likely fit your needs.

Let us now explore the sort of questions you need to ask yourself relating to what you want achieve out of your paddling so as to find that right boat.

  • Do I want to paddle out in the open Ocean or only in rivers, lakes or estuaries?
  • Do I want to sit in a kayak or on top of a kayak?
  • Am I a beginner with very little experience or am I a more advanced paddler?
  • Do I want to paddle fast at the expense of some stability or is stability of primary importance?
  • Do I want to tour on overnight trips and camp out of my boat or am I only a day tripper that needs more minimal storage for lunch and some additional clothing?
  • Am I a fisherman that needs numerious fishing capabilities out of my boat?
  • Am I the sort of paddler that does not mind paddling in rough water or am I only a calm water paddler?
  • What is my weight?
  • What is my height?

If you were to come armed with the answers to all these questions and speak to one of our staff they would very quickly be able to steer you towards a few boats that would be best able to fit your needs.  It will then come down to personal preferences.

At the end of the day you the customer must feel comfortable with the boat of your choice, so having narrowed the choices down to a few it will always be preferable to sit in the boat and if possible take it for a test paddle if we have a demonstrator available. 

Your comfort and happiness is of the utmost importance to us!