Next Container arriving from Germany in November 2021

The next container is currently being loaded in Germany and will be heading down under with lots of great stock. Exciting new additions include:

Prijon’s latest Whitwater Kayak the Pike. Only 2 available $1,895

The Prilite Narva Touring Kayak with Rudder. Only 1 Green available $2,745

HTP Enduro 450 with Rudder. Only 1 Red available $2,095.

Fibreglass Millenium Evo in Yellow. Only 1 available $3,895

HTP Seatron Sea Kayak in Yellow with Rudder. Only 2 Available $2,595.

The exciting HTP 2B double whitewater Kayak. 1 Red and 1 Yellow Available $2,595

HTP Customline 490 double tourer with rudder in Red. Only 1 available $2,395

More Whitewater Curve 3.0 and 3.5 creek kayaks. Various colours $1,895.

Get your orders in quick. There are already a number of kayaks not listed above that have already been preordered, so order now and do not miss out.


New Container Arriving start of April 2021

Our next Container is arriving at the beginning of next month and we have lots of new touring and whitewater kayaks up for grabs.

Touring Kayaks

Prijon Proteus Fibreglass Kayak – Red $3,695

Prijon Prilite Marlin – Orange $2,895

Prijon HTP Seatron – Yellow $2,495

Prijon HTP Grizzly – Red $2,495

Prijon Enduro 380 – Yellow $1,995

Prijon Customline 370 Basic – Yellow $1,495

Prijon Customline 430 Basic – Red $1,495

Whitewater Kayaks

Prijon Curve 3.0 – $1,895

Prijon Curve Creek 3.5 – $1,895

Prijon 2B Double – $2,595


The container from Germany arrived last week and stock has absolutely flown out the door. All Whitewater Creek boats are now sold as is a number of touring kayaks.

We only have left 1 Dayliner – $1,895 and 1 Seayak 500LV – $2,495.

There are a variety of accessories such as paddles and spraydecks etc as per the price list.

We are now organising our next container from Prijon in Germany and are already taking forward orders from customers to secure stock. If there is anything that you are interested in the Prijon range now is the time to contact me on 0409 419922 to see if we can get it in for you. We anticipate the arrival of the next container prior to Christmas so contact us quick to secure you kayak for as little as a $500 deposit.


Peter McIntyre


New Container Arriving Next Week

Our next Prijon Container from Germany is docking in Sydney today and we should be in receipt of the stock next week. There has been unprecedented pre-ordering demand meaning that the only kayaks that we will have available in stock to sell are:

Touring Kayaks

Seayak 500 LV – Yellow $2,495

Dayliner – Red $1,895

Customline 490 Double – Red $1,995

Whitewater Kayaks

1 x Curve 3.0 – Yellow $1,895

1 x Curve 3.5 – Lime Green $1,895

1 x Cocaine – Yellow $1,895

Get in quick and snap up these final few kayaks. Contact Peter on 0409 419922.