Latest Prijon Container has arrived

The latest Prijon container arrived a few days ago after lengthy delays. Many of the touring kayaks have been pre-sold. The only touring boats now available for sale are:

Prilite Narva – $2,895

HTP Enduro 450 – $2,295

HTP Dayliner Large – $1,895

HTP Customline 490 Double – $2,495

On the Whitewater front we have the following kayaks available in a variety of colours:

Curve 3.0 – $1,895

Curve Creek 3.5 – $1,895

Pike – $1,895

2B Double – $2,695

Also in stock a variety of accessories such as plenty of touring Spraydecks ($185) and Whitwater spraydecks ($170).

We have Bora Touring paddles ($170)

Get in quick as this stock will not last long. Please note that due to worldwide demand it will not be later into 2022 before we can get more stock.