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Kayak Factory Direct will be closing down soon and all our remaining stock is at clearance pricing. Everything has to go, give us a call, make us an offer!

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Prijon Fibreglass Yukon K11 Sport Double - $3250
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Pure whitewater creek boat - NEW $1100
Prijon Forte river runner $895
Various Park & Play White water Kayaks - NEW - $695
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SUP Boards Are In Store Now!

Stand up paddle Board ATX LR4 12 Foot $990

Price Includes Board, Carbon Fibre paddle and a bag for the paddle.

Our green LR4 SUP board is at the top of the heap when it comes to combining paddling performance with stability and comfort. Deciding upon the right shape and materials – EPS foam and only the best American-made fiberglass and resins – wasn't easy, but we've arrived at a board that handles ocean and lake conditions alike, while providing great comfort for the paddler with its EVA memory foam deck pad. This is a stand up paddle board to take on the long-haul: durable, comfortable, affordable – a real SUP ATX classic.

SUP ATX Quality – What makes SUP ATX Boards different?

In a word – Quality.

"SUP ATX revolutionized the stand up paddleboard industry by offering the highest-quality boards available at a fraction of the cost of other options. What we're most proud of is that we didn't just make a "cheaper" board – we made the finest board available, at a price people could actually afford. "
"Since then, some others have tried to offer SUP boards at similar prices. Don't be fooled, though, by cheap knock-offs. Nothing comes close to SUP ATX quality and workmanship. "
Here's a brief overview of what makes SUP ATX boards the best in the industry:

  • All boards come fully equipped
  • 100% ALL-carbon fiber paddles
  • No painted boards / blemish disguising techniques
  • Highest quality American-made Hexcel fiberglass and Resin Research epoxy
  • True EPS foam cores
  • Real wood stringers

What size board should i get?

The only key decision to make when buying a SUP ATX stand up paddle board is the length of the board. Generally, paddlers who weigh under 70kg should buy the 11-foot length board. Paddlers who weigh over 70kg should buy the 12-foot length board. The 12-foot length board works fine for people under 70kg, too. It just tends to be more board than necessary. The 12-foot boards are a great choice if paddlers of many sizes will be using the same board. The 12-foot boards work well for paddlers who weigh up to 140kg.

Manufacturer SUP ATX
Model LR4
Color Green
Length 12 foot
Board Width 31 inches
Nose Width 20 inches (11 foot) / 21 inches (12 foot)
Tail Width 18 inches (11 foot) / 19 inches (12 foot)
Board Thickness 4.5 inches
Volume 185 liters (11 foot) / 220 liters (12 foot)
Construction EPS foam / Resin Research Epoxy / Hexcel Corporation Fiberglass
Deck Traction EVA memory foam
Fin Length 10 inch
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