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Kayak Factory Direct will be closing down soon and all our remaining stock is at clearance pricing. Everything has to go, give us a call, make us an offer!

Prijon Fibreglass Marlin LV - $2400
Prijon Fibreglass Yukon K11 Sport Double - $3250
Various Whitewater Kayaks New and Used at bargain prices!
Pure whitewater creek boat - NEW $1100
Prijon Forte river runner $895
Various Park & Play White water Kayaks - NEW - $695
Ex demo Whitewater kayaks from $500


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Prijon Sea Kayaks: The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

Prijon Sea Kayaks: The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

It would seem that our competitor C – Kayak or Southern Adventures is not factually reporting on his website as to why he is no longer stocking Prijon Kayaks.

The fact is that our wholesale company P & S Kayaks Pty Ltd stopped supply of Prijon Sea Kayak to Southern Adventures due to a variety of differences in opinion relating to various business dealings between the parties and in order to support the brand in its fullest capacity P & S Kayaks Pty Ltd launched its retail shop Kayak Factory Direct in April, 2009 with over 30 different models of Prijon Kayaks that offer something for everyone.

We are not going to stoop to Southern Adventures tactics in denigrating other brands in the subtle way they have targeted Prijon.

Southern Adventures talks on their website about weight, toughness, price and performance being important for customers. We go even further and believe while these things are an important part of the mix, one should not forget other important aspects such as seat comfort, the quality of the boat fit-out, the extent of the warranty being offered by the brand, the pre sales advice as to what boat is best for the customer’s needs, the ability to test a boat before you buy and then know at the time you buy your kayak that you have purchased a comfortable quality kayak of the right material composition, at a weight and at a price that represents exceptional value in the marketplace.

At Kayak Factory Direct we have over 30 Prijon Kayaks for you to choose from amongst a number of other brands, ranging from HTP Extrusion Moulded Plastic kayaks, Prilite ABS Vacuum formed plastic kayaks and Fibreglass and carbon Kevlar kayaks. Come and visit our Gosford or Brisbane shop River City Kayaks and see and experience yourself why you would choose a quality Prijon Sea Kayak that would represent a lifetime investment in comfort, quality, durability, performance and last but not least value for money.

It should be noted that Prijon is one of the few companies in the world to use the Extrusion moulded technology rather than Roto-moulded technology thus delivering superior strength, memory retention and longevity of it’s product. Prijon a number of years ago was one of the first companies to pioneer ABS Vacuum formed plastic technology that delivers a product lighter than normal plastic kayaks, but with the finish of a quality fibreglass kayak and considerable strength. Unlike a number of its competitors it has chosen not to compromise strength and durability in the pursuit of the ever increasing lighter boat with this technology. Prijon’s Fibreglass and Carbon Kevlar boats are renowned for their world class quality and are well priced compared to many comparable brands in the marketplace.

At the Gosford shop come and test paddle a short list of Prijon Sea Kayaks with our Alex McIntyre an Australian Kayaking Representative who in July this year represented his country at the Junior World Championships in Wildwater racing. Even at the age of 18 Alex has years of paddling experience in Wildwater and in the surf through surf lifesaving therefore he is well placed to demonstrate to you how to get the most out of any boat that you contemplate acquiring. If you have therefore narrowed down a number of boats that you think are to your liking then come and talk to one of our friendly staff who will help and guide you to the right boats that will best suit the style of paddling that you are looking to do. Then make an appointment to have Alex come with you and test paddle these boats where he will demonstrate how to get the most out of the boats you are testing.

In the end if you come to Kayak Factory Direct we will not sell you any old boat, we will sell you the right boat that will best suit your needs, having regard to all the important factors of weight, comfort, durability, performance and price.

Come to us and enjoy the experience.

If you are not near our Gosford and Brisbane shops then visit the other numerous dedicated kayak specialists that stock the Prijon brand such as:

Roaring 40’s Ocean Kayaking -Tasmania

Capacity Sports – Melbourne

Projet Watercraft – Melbourne

Wetspot Watersports – Canberra

Jervis Bay Sea Kayaks – Jervis Bay South Coast of NSW

Pro Kayaks – Narrabeen Northern Beach of Sydney

Yamba Kayak – North Coast

These shops have the Prijon brand prominently displayed in their shops and will be only too happy to discuss with you the superior qualities of a Prijon kayak.

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