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Kayak Factory Direct will be closing down soon and all our remaining stock is at clearance pricing. Everything has to go, give us a call, make us an offer!

Prijon Fibreglass Marlin LV - $2400
Prijon Fibreglass Yukon K11 Sport Double - $3250
Various Whitewater Kayaks New and Used at bargain prices!
Pure whitewater creek boat - NEW $1100
Prijon Forte river runner $895
Various Park & Play White water Kayaks - NEW - $695
Ex demo Whitewater kayaks from $500


Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.

Stop Press Stop Press! | Prijon Extrusion Moulded Plastic

Please note that even though our opening sale has finished we are still doing deals on the DAG, Barracuda Beachcomber and Hurricane Brands in order to make way for an expanded range of the superior quality Prijon Brand.

Yes we have another container of the World renouned Prijon brand about to arrive in Australia in early May.  Prijon is the only sea kayak brand world wide that has Extrusion moulded plastic kayaks with extraordinary strength, durability and memory retention compared to the other Roto-moulded plastic brands.
They were also one of the first companies in the world to pioneer the ABS Vacuum Formed Plastic technology with their Prilite range of boats that are lighter than the HTP plastic boats.  While the Prilite range is not as light as some of their competitors they have chosen not to compromise strength and durability because to go lighter would mean that there would be too much flex in their boats.

They also have some great quality Fibreglass boats in the range that are beautifully crafted and yet well priced for a fully imported product.
Here at Kayak Factory Direct we have decided going forward to focus our attention on the quality sit-in brand of Prijon and the quality sit-on-top brand of Cobra both of which have an extensive range of product that will have something for any discerning paddler.  Our goal is to provide to our customers only quality product at the best possible prices.
Please note that the following boats in the Prijon range that are not currently in stock will be here in early May.


  • Prijon Excursion
  • Prijon Capri II
  • Prijon Poseidon (New)
  • Prijon Piave (Glass)


  • Prijon Prilite 400
  • Prijon Calabria
  • Prijon Capri I
  • Prijon Catalina
  • Prijon Proteus (Glass)
  • Prijon Alborea (Glass)
  • Cruiser 320 Angler
  • Yukon Expedition
  • Combi 359
  • Flipper
  • Whitewater Kayaks
  • Chopper
  • Creeker 225
  • Cross
  • Hercules

With all these additional boats along with the pre-existing boats in the Prijon range Kayak Factory Direct can boast that it will have the largest range of Prijon boats in Australia, some 33 models.  We also stock the full range of Cobra Kayaks, some 16 models along with other assorted brands positioning us to be able to meet your every paddling need.

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